Hawk’s Story

Driving home from the grocery store, I saw the lights, then heard the sirens as I met an ambulance turning down the street.  I immediately knew somehow that ambulance was tied to me.  I followed it down our street and into the apartment complex where I lived with my husband and 4 month old son. I slammed the car in park, not even shutting the car door or grabbing any groceries.  The ambulance, 2 fire trucks and several police cars had already beat me to the scene.  As I followed 2 men rolling a full size gurney through my apartment door, I heard one say to the other, “We’ve got to get him out of here!”  I had no idea what was going on. I first thought something must have happened to my husband, but as I ran through the door I saw him crumpled in a corner, tears streaming down his face, and our 4 month old son’s body limp on the floor in front of him.  Instantly, I began to pray (and I don’t think I stopped for even a second over the next few months).  I had no idea at this point what had happened, what the injuries were, what the report was. All I knew was there was only one place to turn and that was the foundational faith and trust I had in God.  I knew God to be true, I knew His Word to be true, and I knew that no matter what circumstances were in front of me, it was God and His Final Say that I was going to believe over anything else.

Our landlord drove my husband and me to the hospital behind the ambulance.  In the car, I learned what caused the accident. My husband was holding our son and walking through a doorframe that held a bouncing baby jump seat. His legs got tangled in the straps which caused the two of them to fall with my husband’s full body weight landing on top of Hawk. In the short ride to the hospital, I immediately began a prayer chain.  I texted several of my friends in group messages and asked for urgent prayers of agreement that Hawk would live and be okay.  Because of the scriptures, I knew that 1) prayer was powerful and 2) praying in agreement with others over specific prayers was even more powerful (Matthew 18:19, 20). I felt in my heart that if I wanted my son to live, I needed to believe the Word of God and put it into action.  God’s part was His promises; my part was to believe Him and act on them, so I did.

Once at the hospital we were told that he had suffered two skull fractures and was leaking spinal cord fluid out of his ear.  They did not have the capabilities required for traumatic injury such as this, and airlifted him to MUSC in Charleston, SC (2 1/2 hours from where we lived).

As they prepared him for the helicopter, the Holy Spirit prompted me to begin praying the Word of God over Hawk by speaking specific healing verses out loud and inserting his name into them.  I didn’t care how I sounded or what I looked like to the doctors and nurses in the ER.  All I knew was that God, was my One surety and whatever He said to do, I would do.

Rather than ride in the helicopter, I chose to stay with my husband and drive.  I knew my son was covered in prayer and the Word, and therefore, was taken care of.  But my husband had just experienced the most traumatic event he would ever go through and as his wife I needed to be by his side.

We walked outside to watch the helicopter take off. As it faded into the distance, it seemed as if everything around us became a slow motion movie. The ride down was eerily peaceful for me. I remember thinking how beautiful the outskirts of Charleston were as we entered into the city. That is the peace of God; it just covered us like a blanket. In retrospect, I see the peace of God all over this season in my life in a more beautiful way than I had ever known.

We arrived at MUSC in Charleston where we were greeted with doctors who told us 1) they did not know if Hawk would make it and 2) if by some miracle he did, they did not know what quality of life he would have.  But I knew, I knew my God and I knew my son. I knew that no matter what it looked like, he would come out on the other side completely okay.

For 28 days I continued to live in the Ronald McDonald house while they monitored our son.  I googled every verse relating to healing, and any Scriptures God gave me on faith, trust, and the promises of God. I wrote them all down on Post-it notes and taped them around Hawk’s hospital room.  I carried him around the room and read them out loud—not out of begging or pleading with God, because I trusted His Word and promises to be true, but to negate any fear or anxiety Satan tried to pin on me.

I reminded myself over and over, daily renewing my mind in the truth, that God is who He says He is, that as a believer I am who He says I am, I have what He says I can have, and I can do what He says I can do.

Day by day I watched my son continue to improve without any medical intervention.  The only procedure he had was a spinal tap to reroute the draining of the spinal cord fluid out of his ear (to prevent ear infection).

A month later we were able to take our son home, fully healed, with not a single repercussion of the accident.  PRAISE GOD!!! How awesome is that?! The doctors’ report said, “We don’t know if he will live or how impaired he will be,” BUT GOD’s report was FULL HEALING!

He is now 5 years old and the sweetest, most loving, joyful boy I have ever met. He is a walking miracle. His life is a precious testimony of God’s provision.

I am so thankful to be Hawk’s mom and to have experienced the love of God so deeply in such a unique and profound way. I give God the glory for His faithfulness and His unfailing Love. The Word of God is true, and if He did it for me and my family, He will do it for you and yours.

With Love in Christ,

Savannah Martin


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